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Cool in cow, in Norwegian is kul i ku and the concept behind my brand. I started my products with cow skin from my own Angus beef cattle farm in rural Australia. After purchasing a winter home in Geilo, Norway, I have increased the range to include products made with Norwegian goat and sheep – the colour tones of these soft and beautiful hides are a match made in heaven for the relaxed, yet utterly sophisticated interior trends in the mountains.


I have a passion for interior design and love being surrounded by beautiful things.

My products are hand made in my workshop in Bergen, but I can deliver them anywhere.

Each product is unique as no two skins are the same. I can source the raw materials needed to match your personal colour scheme and gladly accept special orders.


That is my story…..and I know you will love my products as much as I do and I guarantee that you will agree that they are kul

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